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Mike Price's Martial Arts & Fitness
6171 Central AV, St.Petersburg, FL 33710
Phone: 727-415-3294

Disciplines Offered:
Jiu Jitsu
Krav Maga
Kung Fu
Self Defense

Kickers experienced at Mike Price's Martial Arts & Fitness

MMA is alot more then just kicking and punching. Way more then to learn how to fight. It teaches you how to controll your self and to respect one another. It also allows you to defend yourself in a time of need, say your getting mugged and the thug has a knife point, well there you go u just disarmed him. I love doing MMA because i get to have fun and work hard. But you can only have fun when you have a great teacher.
- EricW, Mike Price's Martial Arts & Fitness
I work out three times weekly with Mike Price and directly credit my general good health to the effects of these sessions. I am 53 years of age and have had the good luck to know Mike for eight years. The intense workouts we get with Mike are a fun and positive experience as well as the most effective exercise program I have ever done.
- Jim, Mike Price's Martial Arts & Fitness
I have 2 sons who train with Mike Price and I have been very impressed with Mike's teaching skills with children of all ages(from as young as five) as well as his knowledge of the martial arts. He brings 20 plus years of experience in old school training into the modern era with fun vigorous exercise as well as simple techniques of self defense that he teaches the kids. He emphasizes discipline and respect for fellow students and focuses on the importance of school work. The best in the region.
- James , Mike Price's Martial Arts & Fitness
I am the mother of a student he is 10 years old and since he has started the program with Mike Price Martial Arts he has more confidence and so do I.I grow up in a hard place and know just how scary the world really can be,I was always in fear for my child's safety. You see so much violence is society and schools I wanted him to learn how to handle it or how to get away for it.I am so very proud to say I see how these classes make them aware of situation and what to do so they can come home safe
- Chels, Mike Price's Martial Arts & Fitness
I have been taking the FITNESS classes and WOW! The workout is never the same so you never get board.It is adjusted to each person body ability.Hard core for the advanced and just hard enough for beginners. Its a family business that is worth checking out.I have felt better and my health has improved, I started when I needed to do something for me. I was a single mother an working two jobs,my life needed this program so did my sanity. Classes are great and so are the people.Totally worth a try.
- Lee, Mike Price's Martial Arts & Fitness

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